Behind the Textile

Creating is my therapy. The process, the transformation, the sense of accomplishment fulfills my soul! I love to seek out textiles that have a story before they even get into my hands. I imagine the process, the vision and the skill it took to create such beautiful pieces, and then I get to add my touch. My hope is that anything you choose from our shop brings you joy beyond just a simple pillow or handbag. I hope you see the craftsmanship that goes into the design and that you know that it took many hands to create your unique piece.

Authentic Mudcloth + Baule Cloth from Africa

Mudcloth, also known as Bogolanfini, is made in Mali, West Africa. The dyes used are made from mud, which is rich in iron to create black, and plants that create a range in colors. The patterns dyed on the cloth represent historical events and mythologies to the tribes of Mali. Mudcloth is first handwoven into strips and then sewn together to make a larger canvas. It is then hand-dyed and stamped with unique patterns and symbols creating a one of kind piece that is truly special.

Baule cloth is made on the Ivory Coast of Africa. It is hand dyed, then hand-loomed into strips which are sewn together like mudcloth to create a larger canvas. Baule cloth adds a bright range of color to any décor. No two pieces will be the same and the color combinations are endless.

Hmong Hemp, Hmong Cotton, Chaingmai Native Cotton from Thailand

Hmong Hemp, Hmong Cotton and Chaingmai Cotton are handwoven, hand dyed 100% natural hemp or cotton textiles.  Artisans use the batik style dying method from Hmong Hill Tribe on many of the fabrics we choose.  I enjoy working with both vintage and new textiles.

Other Textiles from Various Sources

I love to work with fabrics from right here in the USA. It’s important to me to support small, local businesses and I do so as much as possible, but I will also use fabrics that simply inspire me. My goal is to create unique home and lifestyle goods that have my personal touch and design style while honoring the textile and craftsmanship behind it.

Designs In The Wild